Gratitude ~ for the beautiful PrimaFeira 2023

It is with great pride and happiness that we write this article about the PrimaFeirawhich took place on the banks of the Dão River, at Termas de Alcafache, on Sunday, the 9th of July. The event was a success, with an estimated number of around 600 visitors, 40 participants (vendors, facilitators and artists) and 21 activities on the program. 

The PrimaFeira was a celebration and presentation of a diversity of projects and traditions with a sustainable and regenerative approach that exist in the Dão region.
From artisans working with recycled textile to bulk food stores and from holistic health practitioners to sustainable business development researchers. The event brought together environmentally conscious and active people from many areas and fulfilled its objectives of facilitating the connection and cooperation between these projects, as well as their dissemination to the general public.

Gathering - Pharmacia das Ervas

The event was organized as part of our projectEco Rede (Network) do Dãoand we feel that we have taken a big step, together with the participants, in the path of creating this network. It was a day where new personal and professional contacts were established and ideas for future steps were formulated. 

Based on the reactions during the day and afterwards, the PrimaFeira was clearly an experience that people wanted and valued. Everyone who visited and participated in PrimaFeira agreed: this should not be a one-time event. So, we are gong to do our best to organize the second edition for the year 2024!  

Some highlight of the PrimaFeira:

Agroecology projects that showed the potential of this approach for regenerative development for the Dão region. (Quinta 'd Oiro, Cynatura, Quinta 'd Arminho, Quinta de Forniçô, Symbiosis soil lab, Pharmacia das Ervas, ESAV Caravana Agroecologica, Quinta de Estaca)

Comida Tasty, colorful and even fun food with the risotto workshop by Amanita Bunker and Grão a Grão and Connecting Vibe offer.

- The ‘Dão Conversation Caféin which 25 people participated and shared ideas on how to work together on regenerative activities in the Dão watershed.

- The diversity of the artisans products with paper, wood, textiles, basketry, natural cosmetics, home decor and metal products. (LusiTiny, How to Zero, Daemon knives, Coração de Alfazema, Magna Matter, Outros Mundos, Future Pillows)

- The positive energy that was brought by the music of DJ Pedro Marques with its ethnic rhythms, followed by a live performance by Xó Torres, who played songs by Zeca Afonso, followed by the fluid rhythms of DJ Annå.

There was much more and it's worth knowing the diversity of the program; see this article about the event..

Xó Torres
Biodanza Magna Costa

We are currently in the post-production phase and will:
– Avaliar e pedir feedback dos participantes para aprender desta experiência e usar esta aprendizagem para eventos futuros.
- Gather the ideas and topics from the Dão Conversation Café.
- Write a report about the organization and the day of the event.
- Meet with Ruralisar members and define the next steps.
- Meet with sponsors and talk about their interests in upcoming events.   

Dão Conversation Café
Fazer bolas de Dorodango.

Special thanks to:

- The Municipalities of Mangualde and Viseu and the Parish of São João de Lourosa to support the event.
- Termas de Alcafache for the partnership in the organization of the event.
- Cultural, Social and Sports Center Tibaldinho for lending us the sound installation
- Café Central in Alcafache for their support and partnership.
- Nuno Mateiro for developing and facilitating the Dão Conversation Café in partnership with Deborah Richmond.
- Joana from How to Zero for the poster's graphic design and social media images.
- Wojtek Lysakowski for photography during the event.
- Huubke Verlouw for the graphic design and painting of the banner.
- Steven Barich for building and deconstructing the event and overseeing the light grid.
- AND OFF COURSE: all the participants and visitors: GratiDão!

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