Ruralis, Rural Association for Regenerative Development is an association that develops and supports projects, in a rural context, that enable an ecological and sustainable way of life from an economic and social point of view. Its objective is to support human activities focused on regenerative processes and on a healthy relationship between people and nature.

All those who share this philosophy, are interested in our activities and wish to collaborate and support Ruralis are welcome!

Become a member to support and join Ruralis. Is easy! You only need to fill in the sign-in form and make the payment for the (one-time) sign-in costs and annual membership.

costs - € 10
Annual membership - € 24
(As of the end of the first half of the year, the amount will be calculated on the basis of twelfths, that is, the amount due will correspond to €2 for each missing month until the end of the year.)

Please make your payment per bank transfer:
Make your payment to: RuralisAR associação
NIB: 0045 3060 4033 5108 2562 5
IBAN: PT50 0045 3060 4033 5108 2562 5