Childhood and Nature

RuralisAR and Cine Clube de Viseu started a programming partnership based on common interests in the field of environmental education and sustainability in rural areas.
O primeiro resultado desta parceria é o programa “Infância e Ecologia”, destinado a alunos do 3º ciclo e do Ensino Secundário, que inclui a exibição do filme “Águas do Pastaza”, a 10 de outubro. Depois do filme havera uma conversa com a realizadora Inês T. Alves.

THE FILM 'Waters of the Pastaza'

Along the Pastaza river, between Ecuador and Peru, live the Achua people, in deep intimacy with the surrounding Amazon forest. the director Inês T. Alves visited this community, filming the daily lives of its children: practically autonomous, fluent in fishing, cooking and handicrafts, they are representatives of an ancestral lifestyle, where modern times are slowly beginning to enter. → Trailer

→ Session at the IPDJ-Viseu Auditorium (Google Maps)
→ Schedule: 10:00 am / 2:00 pm, possible to schedule with the registered classes
→ Means of transport to the Auditorium? On foot, of course! 15 minutes from Rossio🥇🏃‍♀️

Signing up for the film → / 232 432 760
Costs of participation → 2eur / student
More information →

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