Eco Rede (Network) do Dão

A network of regenerative and sustainable initiatives in the Dão river basin that promotes environmental responsibility in the region.

Mission: strengthen regenerative development and protect nature in the Dão river basin.
Goals: Recovery, Enhancement and Conservation of Ecosystems and Celebration of Regenerative Human Activities in the Dão River Basin.

Vision for the future: An increasingly rich and colorful network of sites and projects of ecological value throughout the Dão River basin. A project that affirms the Dão region as an aggregator of multiple eco-sustainable developments.

Description: This is a project to create a network of people, projects, entrepreneurs, products, sites, etc. which have in common the quality of having environmental values and respect. The network can include people and projects as well as sites of ecological value so that together it shows many aspects of the Dão-Eco-Region that have an ecological value.
The network includes the positive stories of what is developing in the region as well as the environmental threats that the region faces and the projects that fight these threats. The working group will study similar networks to learn good practices and develop activities to create and sustain a network that can benefit everyone and everything involved.

Within the scope of this project, two Dão Micro Forums were organized:
Micro Fórum do Dão 1 ~ dia 6 de julho 2019
Micro Fórum do Dão 2 ~ dia 12 de junho 2021

E estamos a organizar: A PrimaFeira!

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Imagem: Pedro Baila