Little by little

We are very excited about the following news:
The workhop on Natural Construction & Architecture com Pietro Diegli Esposti de MaTrierra that we organized during the Sustainability Week in May 2022 at ESTGV gave rise to the master's degree by Guilherme Bortolotto Pansanato, which includes a 'Comparative analysis between conventional construction and earth construction (BTC) land use in-situ excavation'.

Guilherme's motoivation:
The choice of subject that I will spend the next few months exploring, in which I will invest a large portion of my time becoming a professional. Understanding the importance for the moment we live in, I always knew that the content would have sustainable constructions as its essence, now what part of this universe should I delve into?
The answer turned out to be simpler than I imagined, I must delve into what makes the biggest positive difference to the world we live in and natural constructions proved to be an extremely interesting and important topic. The old-fashioned earth constructions, added to the new application technologies and a bit of innovation, were presented as the ideal theme.

Força Guilherme!

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