Webinar ~ exploring how digital can support the earth. April 6th 20h till 21h30 is an online map of the globe to which landowners working on ecological restoration can add their land.

Restor connects people and projects to scientific data, monitoring tools, funding and each other to increase the impact, scale and sustainability of these efforts.

RuralisAR will host a Webinar ‘’ 6th of April, as part of the Micro Reserves Initiative.

We are hosting this webinar for a few reasons:

1. So that smallholding/minifundio owners can see if Restor can be useful for them.

2. To facilitate contact between private landowners who are doing restoration work.

3. To work on creating, what calls, a ‘collections' as part of the Micro Reservations Initiative. In our case, it would be a collection of the various projects/lands/smallholdings that are part of the Micro Reserves Initiative. We want to show the scale and diversity of the collective effort to restore the ecosystem with the goal of getting academic, financial and moral support.

Agenda of the webinar:

  • Introduction to RuralisAR's Micro Reserves Initiative.
  • General presentation of Restor. Marina Duarte of Restor will talk about the mission and demonstrate the platform's features.
  • Special focus on creating a collection of Micro Reserves in Restor, showing examples from other collections and talking about how this functionality can support the Micro Reserves that are united in a collection.

How to participate?

1. Inscreva-se antecipadamente para esta sessão AQUI.
Após a inscrição, receberá um e-mail de confirmação contendo informações sobre como entrar na rsessão.
2. Create your profile on: where it says 'join restor'.
3. Put April 6th 20h on your calendar! 🙂

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