Origens Micro Reserve

A presentation of the Micro Reserva work done in the context of the Origens project.
By Humberto Mendes, member of RuralisAR.

The Origens Micro-Reserve is an initiative integrated in the 2nd Axis of Intervention (Conservation and Regeneration of Ecosystems) of the project Origens – como tudo começa…
A micro-reserve is a relatively small area, smaller in size than a reserve or natural park, intended to ensure the conservation of animal and plant species and their ecosystems.

In this case, the Origens Micro-Reserve is a private area of some size, located in the Parish of Orgens in Viseu, within a larger area of high ecological value that we have sought to protect over the years.
In the first phase, we had the positive response of many owners, who entrusted us with this worthy task of preserving and continuing their family legacy. All this work culminated in the submission of a Simple Rural Parcelling (Emparcelamento Rural Simples) project, in this case the first in the municipality of Viseu.
This area was threatened by the potential crossing of an external ring road to the city, which fed an expectation of urban expansion that would jeopardize this entire fantastic ecosystem. 

With all the awareness-raising work we carried out and the end of the 2nd Circular project, this entire area is now more protected.
Over the last two years, along with all the work carried out on the ground and in a huge effort at many levels, we have been gradually increasing the protected area, in order to give greater consistency and territorial integrity to the entire initiative.
We recently received the vote of confidence from two new owner families, for all this great Nature Conservation work that we carry out.
We are very dedicated to this environmental protection initiative and we do it with a lot of love... and all help is needed and very welcome.

For We Are All Nature!

Humberto Mendes
Viseu Fevereiro 2023

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